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Bo Xuan Tang Blood Purification Capsules 博軒堂清血解毒靈丹 - New Improved formula 加強版

100% Original Ancestral recipe - 正品, 祖传秘方 

Main ingredients:Blood Purification Capsules is made from various precious traditional chinese herbs.
It contains with high nutrient such as Vitamin B1, B2 and B6.

New Packaging 2022

Available in 30 Capsules & Starter Pack with 10 Capsules 

Flexible to Existing and New Customer

Adults : 3 times per day, each capsule per time after meal
Teenagers : 2 times per day, each capsule per time after meal
Children : 1-2 times per day, half capsule per time after meal

Note: This supplement is not suitable for patient consuming other blood-related pills or during dialysis.

Certified Laboratory Testing 

Bo Xuan Tang's clinical and analytic tests proves to not hold steroid compounds.
Extensive laboratory tests that show results of undetected harmful chemical substances such as Mercury, Lead, Arsenic, and more.