Event Studio Space

Care to explore what our showroom offers? Unlimited wonders and creative works! Our studio space with the ambience of heart-warming house but also with the professional setting of a public space that alters flexibly from photography studio, event space, cafe, and also beauty and fashion spaces to launch your private service sessions or even small start-ups!

Here are a few of our successful events that we have helped organised throughout the entire process ensuring that our clients are fully satisfied with their conditions 

Lady B’s Private Event

From behind-the-scenes shooting to the D-day event, we provide the space and comfort to ensure the work energy and productivity of the event maximises the time and effort both parties have put into!

Yi Qing Chi Gong Workshop

Partnering with one of our cousin brand, knowingly as Bo Xuan Tang (which you can also find on our website), where our certified and most trusted supplement has work their brains to put together an embracing and interconnected wellness workshop.

With our trusted and registered TCM physician practitioner of years and a PhD of Alternative Medicine, the workshop was led by Patricia Chuan. Dr. Chuan began her journey from a decade ago as a cancer survivor. This Qing Gong programme has helped improve her lifestyle and learn about the internal health and body forces such as Yin and Yang. 

The comfortable floorings and quiet ambience, along with the abundant flow of natural sunlights enhances the whole experience of this exercise workshop in spite of it being indoors. The space DTWStudio provides gives you the circle and capability to concentrate and focus on the programme workshop even better!

Baking Workshop

Professional spaces doesn’t mean it has to be surrounded by adult energy! DTWStudio can be the checkpoint stop for kids workshop as well! The comfort of home, but better! Kid friendly spaces, utensils, ambience, that will make your little ones have the most of their weekends with their friends!


Manicure Workshop

DTW managed to pull of a friendly manicure party for our little ones who has always look up to their mommy's fresh nails from the salon, and are excited to try out a little fun practical nail art of splashes of colours, glitters, stickers, decorations on their very own small fingernails! What an adorable and wholesome event to strengthen the bond between a mother and a child!