About Us

Dreamtales has been actively running in the fashion industry since 2014. After years of running and growing online, DreamtalesWardrobe seized the opportunity to build their very own offline concept store and that is also when DTWBakery, DTWNailStudio, and DTWStudio were born. 
DTWBakery's signature trait aims to deliver freshly-baked pastries and made with the most premium ingredients! DTWBakery does not only care to serve delicious baked pastries but we also carefully take into great consideration when selecting our ingredients and creating recipes. Gluten-free, No additives and preservatives, and only SUSTAINABLE ingredients! To have the first-hand taste experience, when orders are made, is when we bake! We want to serve warm and hearty baked goods only for you to enjoy the richest flavors. Our existing customers have taken surety of it and we welcome new customers to join our community at any time!
We excel in a fusion technique of Japanese and French culinary! You name it, We bake it! Our all-time best sellers are Snowflakes cookies and Pineapple cookies. It is customary to have SPECIALS annually (usually on Chinese New Year) where we carefully choose the perfect designed packaging for you to gift them to family and friends, or even yourself! Our 2 best-seller items will never miss the chance to be on our Specials Menu, so don't worry about missing out! 
We wouldn't dare to limit delicacies to our customers, so you can request customized pastries, and we'll get it done to exceed your expectations ✨ You name it: Breads, Cakes, Cupcakes, Fruit Tarts, Cookies, Macarons, and any other pastries. 
For custom orders, we do accept them within a minimum quantity required, you may contact us for more details 🥰  
So what are you waiting for? Hop on along the DTWBakery train and be part of our journey!