NS6 AS UV Gel Base Coat - Clear
NS6 AS UV Gel Base Coat - Clear

NS6 AS UV Gel Base Coat - Clear

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AS UV Gel Base Coat - Clear
A Based gel coat use to apply before your colour which serve as a protection of your nails. 
  • Made with natural trees extraction
  • Protection based for your nails
  • Provide additional layer for gel colour to stay longer
  • Provide more solid based between your own nails based and nail colour layering, hence, the nail colours will stay longer.
  • Long lasting coat
  • Professional or personal use 
  • 15ml per bottle

Tips: For more lasting result of 40 days, please ensure to do filling till your nail is with non-shine surface before apply the AS base gel. Please do not wipe off the sticky surface on the nails as this layer of stickiness has the functions to strengthen between the base and colour, hence, the UV gel colour will be more lasting.